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please stop getting mad at cashiers for prices they have no control over

Or not being able to take your expired coupon.

or not being able to break any rule that is store or company policy

Or not being able to make the manager come up to the cash register any quicker

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i think it’s funny how christianity made a big deal about mary being impregnanted by god and everyone was like “oh my god the son of god! we must worship him listen to his great wisdom.” 

meanwhile, if you said god knocked you up in ancient greece they’d just be like “yeah, me too.”

Okay, I laughed.

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  • Baby Boomers:The recent generation is so rude
  • Baby Boomers:Screams at servers over petty shit like toast
  • Baby Boomers:Screams at cashier for telling them their coupon is expired
  • Baby Boomers:Ignores store policy
  • Baby Boomers:Says racist and sexist things
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